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Chemical Treatments

IVI offers an extensive line of post-harvest treatments to safely maximize stored potato quality. We know how much is at stake when your crop enters storage. Post-harvest treatment can sanitize and prepare optimal conditions for storage duration. This preventative measure ensures broad and lasting conditions to prevent decay and disease. Treatment is also utilized should there be any sign of sprouting, peeps or decay. Growers put their trust in IVI’s broad experience and expertise for a range of conditions and challenges.

IVI factors in all variables in order to make the best recommendation in application, treatment combinations and timing—customized for your specific needs.

Pre-storage, piler treatments

Pre-storage treatment effectively sanitizes & disinfects for storage-ready potatoes.

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Phosphorus Acid:Resist 57TM
Bio Control Agent:Bio-Save®

Fungicides in storage

Your best insurance is treatment to sanitize & protect against threats of disease.

Thermal fogging application is thorough & adds no moisture.

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PAA:Jet-Ag® | Jet-Oxide®
DeccosanTM 5
Chlorine Dioxide