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PIN NIP® 98% CIPC Aerosol Sprout Inhibitor

In the potato industry, CIPC (Chlorpropham) applied by thermal fogging system in aerosol form is the standard for inhibiting sprouts. Since the 1950s, CIPC has been unmatched for inhibiting peeps and sprouts because of its effectiveness and affordability in the marketplace. IVI’s product is PIN NIP® 98% CIPC. IVI has been instrumental in the improvement of the application process, resulting in an enhanced performance of CIPC to inhibit sprouts on potatoes.

IVI’s use of a patented, low-airflow method allows less CIPC to accumulate on the building structure during the application. This enables more CIPC to reach the product, enhancing its performance.

Our use of the patented CMF (Carbon Monoxide Free) Sprout-Inhibiting System eliminates harmful by-products, reduces heat and fire risks, and allows more CIPC to remain on the potatoes to prolong storage.



Application of PIN NIP® 98% Chlorpropham should be made anytime after the curing period and before sprouting of potatoes occurs.

  • Apply at rates from 1 to 2 pounds active ingredient per 1,000 bushels [600 hundred weight(CWT)]. Treat according to volume of storage (See table in Chemical Label).
  • Use the lowest FORCED AIR recirculation through the pile. Check for uniform air distribution throughout the storage and adjust the airflow if necessary.
  • Keep storage closed during application. After application, initiate ventilation as described in the Entry Restrictions section of the Chemical Label.