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Ventilation and Humidity Control

Industrial Ventilation, Inc. (IVI) offers crop storage ventilation equipment that leads the vegetable storage industry in ventilation technology. Our ventilation equipment includes prop fans for efficient and balanced air movement, an industrial humidifier and electronically controlled insulated door for dependable temperature and humidification control, and our patented Daylight Block to reduce potato greening during storage. We also offer a P7 VFD for a more energy efficient application of your ventilation technology. Through our variety of ventilation products, we can create the storage system that best fits your protection needs.

Prop Fans
P7 Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
P7 Drive VFD
Thermadoor electronically controlled insualted door for air flow
Humidicell evaporative cooler made from cellulose paper for a high cooling efficiency
Centrifugal Humidifier, industrial humidifier 30-series
IVI Exhaust Damper for crop storage ventilation
Daylight Block reduces potato greening during storage
Daylight Block
Revolution fans from Rite-Hite
Rite Hite Fans