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Storage Control

When designing a storage system for your root and vegetable crops, the ability to control the climate and ventilation of your storage containers is paramount. IVI offers storage control products that can be uniquely tailored for your optimal vegetable storage climate control. Our control panels are designed for simple and accurate monitoring and control of all related system equipment and parameters. They are ideal for vegetable and root crop storage, including potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions. Remote monitoring is available with our app.

Having pioneered the storage control panel, IVI continues its commitment to every type of grower. Our control panels meet the needs of both small and large growers for a range of crop varieties. Engineered and made in the USA, our reliable panels can customize your storage parameters to suit your exact needs.

Imperium Panel

Our stand-alone storage control unit easily and precisely manages storage climates by controlling fans, VFDs, evaporative coolers, humidification, heaters, refrigeration equipment, and Thermadoors®. Even in the most unfavorable external conditions, the Imperium can maintain a precise temperature setting. The panel’s expanded capabilities allow for multiple sensors and in-depth parameter control and recipe storage.

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Sentinel Panel

Our newest stand-alone storage control unit offers the same IVI reliability as the Imperium. Efficient and simple to operate, this streamlined panel meets the needs of many growers. With a smaller touchscreen, it’s still big on reliability and precise indoor climate control.

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From wherever you are, monitoring and controlling your storage is right at your fingertips with our Sentinel and Imperium storage control mobile app. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.