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Centrifugal Humidifier 30-series

A commercial-grade, industrial humidifier for use in applications requiring a higher volume of dependable humidification. Our centrifugal humidifier features:

Centrifugal Humidifier, industrial humidifier 30-series
  • High Volume Output
  • Fast, Easy Installation
  • Economical Operation

Features & Benefits

Higher Capacity

Our centrifugal humidifier is capable of producing 30 gallons of atomized water per hour.

Economical Operation

The efficient ½ H.P. motor uses very little electricity.

Rugged Construction

Durable, lightweight polyethylene water reservoir provides a long service life with minimal maintenance.


Available in eight models, including ceiling-mounted and portable floor-standing units with wheels.

Simple Installation

Many models require only a standard power connection and water source.

Variety of Applications

Our industrial centrifugal humidifier provides efficient humidification for vegetable growing and storage, wood products production, textile manufacturing, printing, paper storage and more.