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With climate factors like record heat, growers take steps for what they can control, from harvest to storage.

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Industrial Ventilation, Inc. (IVI) leads the ventilation industry with innovation and responsive service for growers protecting their stored crops.

Industrial Ventilation, Inc., is proud to partner with USAID Private Sector Activity to bring cold storage solutions committed to improving crop preservation through state-of-the-art computerized ventilation systems and post harvest technology. IVI has helped farmers of root vegetables in over 20 countries to drastically reduce yield losses through their cold storage expertise.

Potato and onion growers and packers turn to Industrial Ventilation, Inc. for proven solutions in storage protection. At IVI, our goal is earning lasting partnerships with growers, who rely on us for innovative solutions and responsive service. We offer:

  • Storage building designs engineered with specific parameters and adaptability
  • Ventilation systems designed for optimal climate control with our proven products working in tandem
  • Refrigeration and heating equipment aligned with your objectives and climate challenges
  • Storage control panels that monitor and operate with ease, yet have capacity depth such as meaningful data retrieval
  • Chemical treatments to prevent and stop crop decay, with knowledgeable application based upon years of experience

Our products and services are available across North America and continue to expand across the globe.

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