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Propeller Fan

Our multi-wing, direct drive propeller fans are specifically designed to provide the most effective air movement in vegetable storage applications.

  • Efficient Air Movement
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Polypropylene Material

Features & Benefits

Sturdy Construction

Blade constructed of tough polypropylene with reinforced fiberglass for added strength.

Adjustable Blade Pitch

Tuned to customer-specific applications for exacting air flow.

Quiet Operation

High-efficient composite blades provide for reduced noise.

Simplified Maintenance

Stands up to extreme storage environments; individual blades are replaceable if necessary.

Direct Drive

Maximum efficiency with no power loss.

Heavy Duty Toshiba Motors

High-efficient motors use oversized bearings for long life and reliable performance.


Front, rear and side fan guards.

Power Range

3–30 H.P.

Variety of Sizes

Wide range of sizes for every application. Standard propeller fans come in sizes ranging from 36″ to 54″, and all are available in 3-blade or 6-blade. Custom configurations are also available. See CFM Chart and Size Specifications in the other tabs for more information.