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Thermadoor® Positive Air-Seal Door

An electronically-controlled insulated door which is automatically positioned to regulate proper air flow.

Thermadoor electronically controlled insualted door for air flow
  • Durable Construction
  • Activated by Standard IVI Control Panel
  • Electronic Linear Actuator

Positive Air Seal

Thermadoor® is more effective than louvers by eliminating infiltration of unwanted outside air, reducing refrigeration costs.

Rugged Construction

Galvanized-steel header and stainless steel hinges prevent rust formation in severe storage environments. Long-lasting redwood frame reduces temperature transfer from the outdoors to the indoors.


The sturdy materials the Thermadoor® is made of are not affected by the exposure to adverse conditions—not even when there is a heavy ice build up.


Needs no winter covering to provide an efficient barrier between inside and outside temperatures.


Electric Linear Actuator for smooth, incremental control, and continues to operate at the largest static loads. The actuator and the linkage are made of the highest quality components throughout for maximum protection. The Rams are a proprietary design available only at IVI.

Custom Built

Designed and constructed to specific system requirements.

Thermadoor positive air-seal door
Thermadoor positive air-seal door