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About IVI

Industrial Ventilation, Inc. (IVI) supplies a worldwide storage solution with customized climate design for potatoes, onions, other root crops, and more. Founded in Nampa, Idaho, USA, growers and processors turn to IVI for innovative, proven storage solutions to manage post-harvest crop storage. Leverage our expertise to your advantage:

  • 54 years partnering with growers and processors for optimal climate control and outcome.
  • Custom building and system design considers all parameters, from crop condition, local climate, and storage goals.
  • With local sales and service support, IVI has projects in 23 countries and has been exporting globally for 32 years.
  • We provide custom solutions at any size. Projects have ranged from a single 100-ton potato storage to 24 storages holding a total of 100,000 tons.
  • Our equipment is proven in delivering ideal conditions for ventilation, humidity, temperature, and more.
  • Our control panels direct operation both on and off-site, utilizing advanced technology combined with user-friendly operation.
  • Our systems are adaptable and have been customized for storage beyond root crops, including bees, as well as facilities for textile, paper, and wood.

IVI anticipates changes and opportunities in agricultural storage, and continually develops and improves systems and support products. Our goal is to maximize crop storage length and quality, resulting in higher profit opportunities, less crop waste, and a better end-product for consumers.

Custom Engineering Design

  • Building and system design that’s aligned with local construction.
  • Experience with a range of building types and materials: curvet, straight and slant wall, concrete, steel and wood.
  • Expertise in method type, from pile or bulk to bin.

Building Design

Ventilation and Humidity Control

  • Engineered and Made in the USA, our ventilation equipment optimizes airflow, temperature, and humidity.
  • IVI’s patented Humidicell enables greater than 97% humidity with no free moisture, reducing potato shrink.

Storage Systems

Powerful Panel Control

  • User-friendly operation—on-site or remotely.
  • Precision adjustment on all equipment parameters, plus historical data retrieval and more.
  • User has control to manage storage setting based on local conditions and needs.

Storage Control


Service that Responds

IVI has dealers and field representatives around the USA and across the globe. While our reach and experience spans many markets, service and support is just a phone call away. Our equipment is built to last, with our control panels providing the information you need to adjust parameters.

With a variety of factors that can come into play, timing is always paramount to address issues when they arise. Our response time and troubleshooting has earned long-lasting relationships with growers and processors.

  • Service starts with building design that is custom and responsive to your goals and your climate. That service continues with planning and installation of equipment for a system you can count on. Our control panels ensure successful operation and monitoring, with ease of use—and technical support when you need it.
  • Our service technicians are available around-the-clock, and understand the value of your crops in storage. Our commitment to service and support is paramount.
  • With post-harvest treatment, we offer dependable support, expertise and application. Along with our years of experience, we are attentive to new industry developments and strategies, to the benefit of our customers.
  • We’ve long and effectively serviced customers within and beyond the USA, including 23 countries, like Canada, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Turkey, and Russia. See our projects sections to learn more.
IVI Service trucks ready to help with your storage solutions
Our trucks are maintained at the highest levels for reliability and quick service at your onion and potato storage locations.
Quick and reliable service for your onion and potato storage solutions
Our service trademark: fast response and quick repair for your onion and potato storage solutions.
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