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Dormancy Enhancers & Sprout Control

Minimize peeps, sprouts & bruising



Pressure bruise, shrink and sprout control are quality issues that storage managers face every year. Incorporating 1,4Sight® into your storage treatment program can provide unprecedented results in managing these common challenges:

  • Peeps and Sprouts:
    Used alone or in a CIPC-based application program, 1,4Sight® represents a step up in quality control. 1,4Sight® works internally to delay sprouting by prolonging dormancy.
  • Pressure Bruise and Shrink:
    1,4Sight® restores potato dormancy. This lowers the respiration rate, which in turn slows the loss of moisture and solids, diminishing susceptibility to pressure bruise and shrink.

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Extended Freshness

Maintaining dormancy helps maintain potato firmness. A fresher product appearance results in fewer load rejections or downgrades.

Long Term Freshness

Research shows that early application of 1,4SIGHT® improves long-term sprout control.


Treatment programs can be customized for the variety, time of year, and storage conditions.

Decco® DMN AerosolTM


  • May be applied throughout storage season up to 2-3 weeks before shipping
  • Reduce color variations and bruising; increase flesh strength
  • Reduced respiration; moisture retention


Utilize in conjunction with CIPC and clove oil as part of an overall potato storage program. Achieve higher quality appearance of potatoes to help minimize load rejection.



Deliver better potatoes to your customer with 1,4SHIP®. This ready-to-use, aerosol-dormancy enhancer treats fresh potatoes after packing—right in the shipping vehicle. It helps preserve potato quality, which reduces load rejections and downgrades. Potatoes maintain their “field fresh” quality and crispness. The active ingredient, 1,4-dimethylnaphthalene, is identical to a naturally-occurring plant substance found in potatoes and other vegetables.

  • Stop Peeps:
    1,4SHIP® and CIPC-EC create a “one-two punch” when it comes to stopping peeps from starting.
  • Restore Dormancy:
    1,4SHIP® restores potato dormancy, which retards sprouting while retaining moisture.


No Residue

The EPA has exempted 1,4SHIP® from a tolerance requirement; no residue issues.


Sold 12 canisters per case; no application equipment is needed.

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For superior seed management, look to 1,4Seed®. It helps manage seed vigor, sprouting and stem number in all common varieties of seed potatoes. Its action restores dormancy, providing temporary and fully-reversible sprout suppression. 1,4Seed® can be applied in storage, or up to 60 days prior to planting without compromising seed vigor.

  • 1,4Seed® maintains the vigor of freshly harvested seed.
  • Storage life is extended without sprouting.
  • Seed lots with a strong apical dominance may benefit from an increase in stem numbers.

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For varieties with strong apical dominance, 1,4Seed® has the potential to break this apical dominance by keeping seed dormant, which prevents the apical sprout from establishing. Once the 1,4Seed® has dissipated, more eyes are able to sprout.


After applying 1,4Seed®, the storage temperature can be raised temporarily to physiologically age the seed without losing vigor due to sprouting. Once it has dissipated, the physiologically advanced seed has the potential to produce more stems.

Sprout Torch®

Clove Oil

Clove oil, the active ingredient in Sprout Torch®, is a natural compound potato sprout inhibitor. It is an approved material under the Washington State Department of Agriculture Organic Food Program. In just a few days following its application, most visible sprouts and peeps turn black, dry up and ultimately drop away.


A Fresher Look

Sprout Torch® is ideally suited for potatoes that have started to sprout and need to be upgraded for shipping. It rapidly turns most peeps and sprouts brown and black. It is effective on any variety and is temporary in action. This enables growers to freshen the exterior of stored potatoes so that they look rejuvenated and ready for market.

AShort and Long Term Treatment Options

Sprout Torch® is a sprout eliminator for organic production and its effects are short term, lasting approximately two to three weeks. To prevent or delay sprouting longer term, apply PIN NIP® 98% CIPC or 1,4SIGHT® to the storage. Ask your IVI salesperson for more information about the benefits of Sprout Torch®.


Sprout Torch® is applied in storage with regular thermo-fogging equipment. Due to its distinctive short-term odor and flavor, a wait of at least three days is recommended before packing. The benefits are effective for up to two to three weeks, depending upon the storage temperature and sprout susceptibility of the potatoes.


One gallon of Sprout Torch® treats from 1,000 CWT to 3,500 CWT depending upon the number, length and age of the sprouts as well as the head space in the storage facility.

Decco® 100 Aerosol, 050 EC & 070 EC

Clove Oil

  • Clove oil in various concentrations
  • Natural sprout-control solution
  • OMRI listed for organic use


Once applied, clove oil will naturally burn exposed sprouts and peeps that are on the surface of the potato. Clove oil is best used on exposed potato sprouts that are just beginning to peep.



1,4Zap® safely and effectively eliminates emerging peeps and sprouts during post-harvest storage that need to be upgraded for premium shipping. It rapidly turns most peeps and sprouts brown and black. This enables growers to freshen the exterior of stored potatoes so that they look like freshly harvested potatoes. Benefits of 1,4Zap® include:

  • Aggressive on sprouts that have rapidly extended to 3-4 inches in length. Burns down the sprout for complete dry down in a matter of weeks
  • 1,4Zap® can upgrade potatoes to reduce rejections
  • Superior pile penetration for effective control

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Rescue Option

1,4Zap® is aggressive on sprouts that have rapidly extended to 3-4 inches in length. The aggressive action uniquely burns down the sprout for complete dry down in a matter of weeks. This gives a grower options to deal with an undesirable situation that would have been economically devastating.


1,4Zap® is applied in storage with regular thermo-fogging equipment. Label flexibility gives a wide range of application rates, especially for longer sprouts that require higher application rates for effective control. Growers can begin packing and shipping from the treated storage within 4-7 days after application.

Decco® 271


  • Chlorpropham
  • High rate of efficacy for sprout control in cold storage


Sprout growth contributes significantly to the weight loss in harvested potatoes. Sprouts are responsible for increased respiration leading to more surface moisture affecting quality of the stored potatoes. Sprout suppression is a crucial part of the storage process. For years, the US potato industry has looked to chlorpropham (CIPC) as a reliable post-harvest sprout inhibitor. Typically applied by cold aerosol fog on harvested potatoes, CIPC has been proven effective in long-term sprout control during cold temperature storage.



In the potato industry, CIPC (Chlorpropham) applied by thermal fogging system in aerosol form is the standard for inhibiting sprouts. Since the 1950s, CIPC has been unmatched for inhibiting peeps and sprouts because of its effectiveness and affordability in the market place. IVI’s product is PIN NIP® 98% CIPC. IVI has been instrumental in the improvement of the application process, resulting in an enhanced performance of CIPC to inhibit sprouts on potatoes.



SPUD GUARD 2 EC is an emulsified CIPC spray that prepares potatoes for shipment. The solution is injected right into the water flow of the pre-pack wash. SPUD GUARD 2 EC’s proprietary formula contains a surfactant that enables the active ingredients to disperse uniformly over the surface of the potato. Superior coverage means higher absorption through the eyes of the potato, resulting in better residue levels and improved sprout control.

  • Reduced Residue:
    Packing shed tests showed SPUD GUARD 2 EC improved CIPC residues an average of 1.3ppm.
  • Reduced Chemical Use:
    On average, sheds using SPUD GUARD 2 EC used less chemicals.

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Cold Water Formula

Save on heating and electricity with the cold water formula, designed to work in water as cold as 35°F.

Uniform Coverage

Highly soluble for immediate injection into the water flow. Uniform coverage means higher absorption through the eyes of the potato, resulting in better residue levels and improved sprout control. Remains liquid in transit and does not freeze at low temperatures.


Works with a variety of application methods. 1 gallon of 2EC treats 2,000 cwt of potatoes.