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Sukup Storage Heater

IVI offers a top-performing storage heater when your needs call for it. The Sukup® brand of heater has passed the test to be part of IVI’s complete storage system solutions. This top-quality heater is a proven performer in efficiency and safety. They are factory tested under the toughest conditions to ensure smooth and reliable operation and consistent motor performance. Some of the features and benefits include:

  • Starfire-type burner provides critical gas and air mixture for high efficiency and even heat distribution.
  • Independent tests have shown that Sukup heaters burn within the highest efficiency range.
  • Quick ignition, even at low gas pressures.
  • Sukup heaters have more standard safety features than any other brands, including built-in automatic shut-off features.
  • Design results in optimal drying capacity – up to 20% faster.
  • Two-year warranty; three-year warranty on the reliable controls of the solid state circuit board.
  • Variety of heater control options, including thermostat, humidistat, high-low thermostat or modulating valve.
  • Air-straightening vanes provide better heat distribution; galvanized housings resist rust.
  • CSA, CE, and SA models available.
  • Available for use with vapor propane, liquid propane (with vaporizer) or natural gas.
  • Two-way adjustment on vaporizer allows operation over a wider range of outside temperatures.
  • The exclusive, high-limit vaporizer features a manual reset, so you can tell if the vaporizer needs to be adjusted.
  • Easy-access service door.
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