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IVI Storage Systems

Whether storing potatoes with a pile method in a curvet or slant-wall building, or stacking bins inside a concrete straight wall, we have proven solutions. We can help you achieve an ideal storage state, either starting with a new building structure and material or retro-fitted existing buildings with our climate-control systems. Our engineers utilize feedback and data, teaming with sales and service, to continually improve and innovate with climate challenges that arise. Optimal storage results for growers and processors is our measurement of success.

Custom Building Design

IVI offers the engineering expertise to design state-of-the-art, custom crop storage facilities and systems that will maximize your crop’s quality from post-harvest storage to market delivery.

Building Design

Ventilation & Humidity

Airflow, humidity, ventilation, CO2, and more: our patented equipment has a long track record for creating an ideal climate for reducing shrinkage in potatoes and onions and minimizing threats of decay or disease.

Ventilation & Humidity Equipment

Refrigeration and Heating

Equipment you can count on for precise temperatures for any climate. Our dealers and reps offer durable products and knowledgeable service to support.

Refrigeration and Heating Equipment