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Custom Building Design

IVI offers the engineering expertise to design crop storage facilities that incorporate the best ventilation and climate-control systems available. State-of-the-art system features will create conditions to maximize your crop’s quality from post-harvest storage through storage release. We not only pursue and exploit the very best technology available, we collaborate with our customers, sales team, and service technicians in developing the best overall system to meet the specific and varied needs of our customers. We are adept with working with local construction suppliers in the U.S. and abroad.

Growers and processors use a range of building types and building materials, depending upon typical climate conditions and local tendencies. Building type is also dictated by method of storage inside, including pile or stacked bins. This is where our custom design can adapt to create an ideal, custom design in consideration of all relevant factors.

Crop Storage Double Barrel Buildings

Below are examples of plans created for our customer’s specific crop storage needs.

See our Projects gallery for more examples of our collaboration with a variety of customers.

Talk to your local IVI sales rep to see what IVI can do for you and your storage needs.

Plans are proprietary and protected by IVI, Inc.

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Curvet Storages

Below are some examples of our Curvet Storage plans, customized for our client’s specific storage needs and goals.

Double Barrel Potato Storage Exterior Design
Exterior view is shown of an IVI-designed double barrel storage building and system for potatoes.
Double Barrel Crop Storage Interior Design
A double barrel potato storage building and system designed by IVI

Straight Wall Storages

Shown are IVI-designed Straight or Slant Wall Crop Storage facilities and systems, customized for our customer’s storage needs and goals.

Straight Wall Small Crop Storage Building
IVI’s Small Zone storage building—Baja, Mexico.
Straight Wall Crop Storage Top View
Top view of an IVI-designed, straight-wall style, 4-zone storage building and system—Mexico.
Straight Wall Crop Storage Section Drawing
Section of a 4-Zone storage building IVI designed—Mexico.
Onion Drying Storage Building
Shown is an IVI-designed 6-zone drying room building for onions.