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Fungicides in Storage

Your best insurance is treatment to sanitize & protect against threats of disease.

Thermal fogging application is thorough & adds no moisture



Jet-Ag® is a broad-spectrum, peroxyacetic acid (PAA), agricultural sanitizer registered as a certified organic fungicide, bactericide, and algaecide for agricultural use, horticultural use and post-harvest-storage fogging.

DeccosanTM 5

PAA + hydrogen peroxide

  • Sanitizer, disinfectant
  • OMRI listed for organic use


PAA is effective for the control of spoilage and decay-causing bacteria and fungi in storage.

Manufacturer/ Distributor Information

Decco US Post-Harvest, Inc.

(626) 358-1838
Call to request copies of current labels and SDSs.

FreshDefense-Catalog-Digital (

EPA reg. # 63838-1-2792



Jet-Oxide is a peroxyacetic acid (PAA), certified organic, post-harvest sanitizer and industrial disinfectant. It’s an excellent post-harvest treatment, ideal for use in the sanitation of fruits and vegetables during processing and storage, and for the treatment of raw, unprocessed fruits and vegetables.

Post-harvest application controls microorganisms that cause decay or spoilage. It is used for treatment of raw and unprocessed fruits and vegetables. Additionally, it is used for the sanitation of packing houses and field equipment.

In industrial settings and food and beverage, it is used for disinfection, cleaning, and sanitation—including the control of staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.


Fruit and Vegetable Application

  • Jet-Oxide 5% can be applied by fogging to control the growth of non-public health microorganisms that may cause decay and/or spoilage on raw, post-harvest fruits and vegetables during post harvest process.
  • It can also be appled as a dip or spray during physical cleaning processes, including at the roller spreader, washer manifold, dip tank, on the brushes or elsewhere in the post-harvest process prior to, simultaneously with or after detergent wash.

Manufacturer/ Distributor Information

Jet Harvest Solutions

(877) 866-5773

EPA reg.# 54289-3-81803



FruitGard (Chlorine dioxide, CI02) is created when sodium chlorite (NaClO2) mixes with a stabilized acid zeolite impregnate. CI02 is a water-soluble oxidizer, proven to reduce spoilage organisms and pathogenic bacteria on stored produce. The acid is one of three types, depending upon the style of chlorine dioxide needed. The release can be fast to slow (preventative).

Chlorine Dioxide Biocide


Chlorine Dioxide is a broad-spectrum biocide that is effective in controlling late blight and other diseases on potatoes in storage. Chlorine Dioxide’s disinfecting and oxidizing qualities allow it to suppress the growth of bacteria. With approved labeling procedures, Chlorine Dioxide can be applied on potatoes, either as they are piled into storage or with the ventilation system during the storage season.