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FruitGard™ Storage Treatment

FruitGard™ (Chlorine dioxide, CI02) is created when sodium chlorite (NaClO2) mixes with a stabilized acid zeolite impregnate. CI02 is a water-soluble oxidizer, proven to reduce spoilage organisms and pathogenic bacteria on stored produce. The acid is one of three types, depending upon the style of chlorine dioxide needed. The release can be fast to slow (preventative).

FruitGard™ Potato Storage Treatment
  • Kills pathogens, preventing post-harvest decay
  • Chlorine dioxide dry gas fumigant, produced at a controlled rate, mixing proprietary granules
  • Oxidizes on existing moisture
  • Penetrates cuts, wounds and stem scars
  • Non-corrosive to typical surfaces
  • No residue, no rinse required
  • Safe and simple application
  • Spent FruitGard is inert and easily disposed



FruitGard applies in a cold interior and requires 6 hours. Release options include both preventative and remedial intervention.