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Imperium Storage Control Panel

Our stand-alone storage control unit easily and precisely manages storage climates by controlling fans, VFDs, evaporative coolers, humidification, heaters, refrigeration equipment, and Thermadoors®. Even in the most unfavorable external conditions, the Imperium can maintain a precise temperature setting. The panel’s expanded capabilities allow for multiple sensors and in-depth parameter control and recipe storage.

  • Global access to any storage site
  • Control Humidifiers and Humidicell using time runs or changes in outdoor conditions
  • Custom tailor your storage season using defined recipes
  • Onboard service maintenance log
  • Static pressure readout and control
  • Custom label all sensors and their locations
  • 10.1-inch color visual LCD touchscreen
  • Compatible with Sentinel panels

Features & Benefits

Simple to Use

With the LCD color touchscreen, users can easily view current status of equipment operation and monitor and adjust system parameters. Menus make navigation from screen to screen quick and simple.


On-site history reports can log multiple data points, with adjustable increments. Trend temperature graphs and an event/failure log add to the Imperium’s extensive operation and gap program record keeping.


Your vegetable and root crops are protected from unwanted disturbances by temperature alarms and equipment safeties. Isolation relays and optical isolated I/O’s guard against spikes and surges reaching the computer board. An auxiliary low-limit device adds protection against product freezing. Ideal for potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions.


Imperium Remote Access Software allows you to monitor and control your system remotely, as if you were at the site. Supports Direct Connect, Wireless and Ethernet with web browser access via the Internet.

Remote Control App

Along with our software and internet access for remote monitoring and control, we offer an app for your iPhone, iPad and Android. Control your storage from wherever you are.

Program Monitoring & Control Features:

  • Monitor and control relative humidity and the CO2 to the desired levels
  • Multiple timed runs
  • User-defined recipes
  • Cooling and heating target setpoints
  • Timed setpoint CO2 control
  • Two types of dehumidification controls
  • Two-stage burner control with curing economizer
  • Multiple bay master/slave control
  • Forced timed purges
  • Auto-failure callout
  • i-logic door control
  • Humidicell efficiency calibration
  • Refer economizer and bypass VFD control
  • VFD automatic control
  • Illuminated auto/manual override switches