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Pre-Storage Treatments

Pre-storage treatment effectively sanitizes & disinfects for storage-ready potatoes.



Tsunami is formulated to achieve a reduction of microorganisms, and is used in wash water in packing sheds and in humidified air in potato storage. Tsunami has a low reactivity with organics and soils, assuring a consistent dosage is available for microbial control. It controls microbial activity on fruits and vegetables, so product spoilage is minimized and shelf life is enhanced.

  • Completely water soluble at active concentrations
  • Promotes worker safety
  • Fully approved for use in fresh-cut, further-processed, and post-harvest facilities


Promotes Quality Assurance:

  • Low reactivity with organics and soils assures consistent dosage is available for microbial control.
  • Successfully applied in all major processing steps including multi-stage flumes, chill tanks, coolers and various washing equipment in fresh cut, post harvest and further processed facilities.
  • Tsunami is OMRI certified for organic production.
  • No pH control necessary—effective microbial control at acid to slightly alkaline pH.
  • Broad applicability to all vegetables and fruits, both whole and cut.
  • No rinse required.

Environmental & Economical Benefits:

  • Single product, ready-to-feed liquid; requires no precursor chemicals or on-site generation equipment.
  • Rapidly breaks down after use into water, oxygen and acetic acid.
  • Eliminates need for generation equipment, precursor chemicals and maintenance.
  • Reduced labor, water and chemical costs.
  • Controls fruit and vegetable surface microbial activity so product spoilage is minimized and shelf life enhanced.

Manufacturer/ Distributor Information

Ecolab, Inc.

(800) 392-3392

EPA reg. # 1677-164



  • Sanitizer, disinfectant


Provides ultra-high, long-lasting, and broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity.

Resist 57TM

Phosphorous acid

  • Fungicide vs. Pink Rot


Effective fungicide control for phytophthora, downey mildew, pythium, and other labeled diseases.

Manufacturer/ Distributor Information

Actagro, LLC

(599) 843-2700

EPA reg. # 82940-1

Chemical Label & SDS


Bio Control Agent

Bio-Save is an EPA registered, US-patented, certified-organic, post-harvest, biological-decay-control agent. Bio-Save is labeled for post-harvest applications for the control and prevention of disease on a variety of fruits and vegetables that includes, among others: seed and storage white potatoes, and sweet potatoes.