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Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

The variable frequency drive system is an ideal choice for variable torque applications like centrifugal fans and pumps. The technology of this variable frequency drive will greatly improve the energy efficiency of your fan’s motor, as even a very small reduction in speed will result in a large reduction of required horsepower. The variable frequency drive features:

  • Significant power savings during phases of a storage season where fans do not need to run at full speed.
  • Selected from reliable manufacturers such as Yaskawa, ABB and TECO-Westinghouse.
  • Designed for simplicity and clarity with the LCD display.
  • Easy programming of parameters.
  • Controlled starting, stopping, acceleration and deceleration which reduces motor starting currents as well as thermal and mechanical stresses to the motor.
  • Engineered for tough industrial environments.
  • Advanced overload protections.
  • V/f control mode, network communication options, and an array of input/output options available.
  • UL Rated Components.