1,4SHIP® Aerosol Potato Dormancy Enhancer

Deliver better potatoes to your customer with 1,4SHIP®. This ready-to-use, aerosol-dormancy enhancer treats fresh potatoes after packing—right in the shipping vehicle. It helps preserve potato quality, which reduces load rejections and downgrades. Potatoes maintain their “field fresh” quality and crispness. The active ingredient, 1,4-dimethylnaphthalene, is identical to a naturally-occurring plant substance found in potatoes and other vegetables.

1,4SHIP® aerosol dormancy enhancer on ready to ship potatoes
  • Stop Peeps:
    1,4SHIP® and CIPC-EC create a “one-two punch” when it comes to stopping peeps from starting.
  • Restore Dormancy:
    1,4SHIP® restores potato dormancy, which retards sprouting while retaining moisture.

No Residue

The EPA has exempted 1,4SHIP® from a tolerance requirement; no residue issues.


Sold 12 canisters per case; no application equipment is needed.