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IVI Offers a Complete System for Sweet Potato Storage

The keys to optimal Sweet Potato Storage

Root crop growers have long relied on Industrial Ventilation, Inc. (IVI) for their expertise and proven products in storage of Irish potatoes and onions. That same knowledge and system of products and treatments is being leveraged for sweet potato storage. Sweets have common storage concerns—namely, ventilation—as well as distinct concerns in storage success, such as controlled temperature for curing. The IVI engineers and service team are adept at customizing storage systems for the unique concerns of growers in different parts of the country. Their products and system designs are used by growers world-wide, yet, the company is small enough to provide the customer attention that has gained partnerships with growers that extend for years.

IVI led storage technology with the developments of their original control panel that operates all the key parameters of storage, from humidity and temperature to air flow. The ground-breaking control panel technology continues to evolve and improve. This orchestration is key to easy-to-operate storage control. However, it is the building and the system within the building, with all its components working in tandem, that is the foundation of optimal storage. IVI’s from-the-ground-up design work leads to years of sound sweet potato storage for growers.

Growers team up with IVI for good reason:

  • Lay the foundation with plans that pay back every day through higher pack out rates, and lower shrink, decay, and utility costs.
  • Agricultural storage facilities are IVI’s sole business focus—for more than 40 years.
  • IVI is a trusted, global supplier of turnkey storage systems for the largest food processors and growers.
  • Our mechanical, architectural and software engineers will tailor a system that boosts efficiency and return on investment.

Control your sweet potato storage climate and ventilation with a precise, dependable system:

  • IVI can design a system for your new building, modify an existing storage, or replace and install an outdated refrigeration system with a new, energy-wise, four-stage system.
  • Integrated aspects include: cooling, heating, humidity, CO2 flushing, and variable air speed.
  • Precise control: maintain storage temperature within .01˚ F.
  • Maintain 90% humidity with IVI’s Humidicell—to minimize potato weight loss and pithiness, while gaining a few degrees of free evaporative cooling.
  • Auto flush CO2 only when pre-set thresholds are exceeded, to minimize utility costs.
  • Variable speed fans: high CFM’s for faster curing and pulldown, followed by lower CFM’s to limit dehydration and power usage.

The Imperium Control Panel offers intuitive operation for custom settings for all sites:

  • Imperium Control Panel with its 10.1″ LCD touchscreen directs and monitors storage conditions so you don’t have to.
  • Our App offers global access to your storage site with remote monitoring and parameter control.
  • Multi-bay control from just one touchscreen.
  • Automatic use of outside air with IVI’s Thermadoor, routed through our Humidicell, for free evaporative cooling, and efficient moisture transfer, lowering utility bills.
  • Retrieve the history of your storage parameters and set points, in either data text or graph form—a valuable tool for growers.


Chase Kidd

Nampa, ID  |

International Sales & Global Dealer Manager

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February 21, 2018