Sprout Torch® Potato Sprout Inhibitor

Sprout Torch Potato Sprout Inhibitor

Clove oil, the active ingredient in Sprout Torch®, is a natural compound potato sprout inhibitor. It is an approved material under the Washington State Department of Agriculture Organic Food Program. In just a few days following its application, most visible sprouts and peeps turn black, dry up and ultimately drop away.

A Fresher Look

Sprout Torch® is ideally suited for potatoes that have started to sprout and need to be upgraded for shipping. It rapidly turns most peeps and sprouts brown and black. It is effective on any variety and is temporary in action. This enables growers to freshen the exterior of stored potatoes so that they look rejuvenated and ready for market.

Short and Long Term Treatment Options

Sprout Torch® is a sprout eliminator for organic production and its effects are short term, lasting approximately two to three weeks. To prevent or delay sprouting longer term, apply PIN NIP® 98% CIPC or 1,4SIGHT® to the storage or SPUD GUARD 2 EC while packing. Ask your IVI salesperson for more information about the benefits of Sprout Torch®.


Sprout Torch® is applied in storage with regular thermo-fogging equipment. Due to its distinctive short-term odor and flavor, a wait of at least three days is recommended before packing. The benefits are effective for up to two to three weeks, depending upon the storage temperature and sprout susceptibility of the potatoes.


One gallon of Sprout Torch® treats from 1,000 CWT to 3,500 CWT depending upon the number, length and age of the sprouts as well as the head space in the storage facility.