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Sprout Inhibitor


1,4ZAP® safely and effectively eliminates emerging peeps and sprouts during post-harvest storage that need to be upgraded for premium shipping.

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CIPC Aerosol Sprout Inhibitor applied to potatoes

PIN NIP® 98% CIPC Aerosol Sprout Inhibitor

In the potato industry, CIPC (Chlorpropham) applied by thermal fogging system in aerosol form is the standard for inhibiting sprouts. Since the 1950s, CIPC has been unmatched for inhibiting peeps and sprouts because of its effectiveness and affordability in the market place.

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Sprout Torch Potato Sprout Inhibitor

Sprout Torch® (Clove Oil)

Clove oil, the active ingredient in Sprout Torch®, is a natural compound potato sprout inhibitor. In just a few days following its application, most visible sprouts and peeps turn black, dry up and ultimately drop away.

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