Pressure bruise, shrink and sprout control are quality issues that storage managers face every year. Incorporating 1,4SIGHT® into your storage treatment program can provide unprecedented results in managing these common challenges:

1,4SIGHT® helps manage pressure bruise, shrink and sprouts during potato storage
  • Peeps and Sprouts:
    Used alone or in a CIPC-based application program, 1,4SIGHT® represents a step up in quality control. 1,4SIGHT® works internally to delay sprouting by prolonging dormancy.
  • Pressure Bruise and Shrink:
    1,4SIGHT® restores potato dormancy. This lowers the respiration rate, which in turn slows the loss of moisture and solids, diminishing susceptibility to pressure bruise and shrink.

Extended Freshness

Maintaining dormancy helps maintain potato firmness. A fresher product appearance results in fewer load rejections or downgrades.

Long Term Freshness

Research shows that early application of 1,4SIGHT® improves long-term sprout control.


Treatment programs can be customized for the variety, time of year, and storage conditions.