1,4SEED® Seed Management

For superior seed management, look to 1,4SEED®. It helps manage seed vigor, sprouting and stem number in all common varieties of seed potatoes. Its action restores dormancy, providing temporary and fully-reversible sprout suppression. 1,4SEED® can be applied in storage, or up to 60 days prior to planting without compromising seed vigor.

1,4SEED® Potato Seed Management
  • 1,4SEED® maintains the vigor of freshly harvested seed.
  • Storage life is extended without sprouting.
  • Seed lots with a strong apical dominance may benefit from an increase in stem numbers.


For varieties with strong apical dominance, 1,4SEED® has the potential to break this apical dominance by keeping seed dormant, which prevents the apical sprout from establishing. Once the 1,4SEED® has dissipated, more eyes are able to sprout.


After applying 1,4SEED®, the storage temperature can be raised temporarily to physiologically age the seed without losing vigor due to sprouting. Once it has dissipated, the physiologically advanced seed has the potential to produce more stems.