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IVI Refrigeration System Condenser Unit

Condenser Unit

IVI’s condenser units have been designed to be versatile, efficient, reliable and easily serviced, perfect for even our most discerning customers.

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IVI Refrigeration DX Coil

Refrigeration DX Coil

The evaporator coils are constructed with seamless copper tubes arranged in a staggered-row pattern. The tubes are mechanically expanded into plated-type configured aluminum fins with full-fin collars.

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IVI Refrigeration System Unit Cooler

Unit Cooler

IVI unit coolers are designed for either air defrost (above +35°F) or electric defrost to (-30°F). The cabinet is a rust-proof aluminum housing.

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IVI refrigeration system Bitzer and Copeland compressor

Bitzer and Copeland Compressor

The high-efficiency, industrial-grade semi-hermetic Bitzer and Copeland compressors are designed to provide field serviceability for easier maintenance and optimum system performance.

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Hot Gas Defrost refrigeration system to reduce defrost time

Hot Gas Defrost

IVI’s onion hot gas defrost line is a refrigeration system that utilizes hot gas to greatly reduce defrost time. It operates in low-temperature conditions as well as all outdoor ambient temperatures.

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