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Protect your pile with 1,4SIGHT®

Bruising, shrinking, sprouting, and rotting. These are threats to your stored potatoes that can create one ugly sight for growers when it’s time to go to market. Prevention that maintains the quality of your spuds through the duration of storage is paramount in getting the highest return on your
seed-to-harvest investment. There’s a proven answer to addressing these concerns before things turn nasty. 1,4SIGHT® from the 1,4GROUP, lnc. has a 25-year history of providing the protection your stored potatoes need. Industrial Ventilation, Inc. (IVI) is a licensed applicator, working in tandem with 1,4GROUP, to the benefit of growers, year after year.


1,4SIGHT®is a potato dormancy enhancer.

Ragen Darrington, an applicator with IVI, has seen the positive results first-hand and grows more convinced each year of how well it protects the pile. “1,4SIGHT® relaxes and de-stresses the potato to where it cools down and wants to come into a natural state of dormancy rather than
perspiring out a lot of moisture, which can cause pressure bruising,”
Darrington said. This dormancy enhancer is a registered biocontrol, essentially using the potato’s own biological make-up to move the spud to dormancy. The potato’s water molecules are retained, keeping it firm. This ideal state ensures lasting quality in storage.

Time it right for the very best protection.

Applying 1,4SIGHT® immediately after doors close helps potatoes absorb the product, allowing potatoes to preserve water, reduce respiration, and minimize bruising. This ideal timing is being utilized annually by growers, once they see the improvements. “We have more growers calling us every year asking for 1,4SIGHT®, as they seem to be really seeing results. All signs point back to when they started using the 1,4SIGHT® product;’ says Darrington.

When they bruise, you lose.


“Our goal at IVI is to help growers have fresh, clean potatoes all year long to supply to their customers’: says Darrington. To accomplish this, Darrington recommends 1,4SIGHT® to growers to help minimize bruising in storage. 1,4GROUP and IVI have completed trials with 1,4SIGHT® to test effectiveness of bruise reduction and prevention in storage and transit. They saw a nearly 30% reduction in bruising when it was applied shortly before growers delivered spuds to the packing shed. “We’ve had growers use it for processors, where they grade their own bruises, and even there we’ve been able to help growers score higher bruise-free averages than what they were expecting or what they had before;’ Darrington said.

“Several sheds have shown me multiple years’ worth of data that demonstrates they are seeing a significant decline in load rejections, and it’s showing in their bottom line and what they are able to return to the grower. All signs point back to when growers started using the 1,4SIGHT® product;’ Darrington said.

Bad-guy fungi is kept at bay, too.


In addition to reduced bruising, Michael Campbell, Ph.D. of Penn State University, The Behrend College, has shown tubers treated with 1,4SIGHT® demonstrate resistance to fungal disease.

As fungal growth is lessened, other non-pathogenic microbes and fungi are allowed to flourish, leading to a healthier potato. Darrington’s storage experience confirms that the fungistatic properties of 1,4SIGHT® slow down or reduce the disease to the point where a simple disinfectant takes care of the remainder of any threatening fungus.

Nicks and bruising can create vulnerability to an otherwise perfect pile. Invading pathogens can gain entry at the sign of weakness. “While I might set out to prevent bruising, I know my job gets a whole lot easier when it comes to any necessary remedial treatment of threatening fungal disease;’ Darrington relayed.

On-the-spot effectiveness for black spot bruising.

IVl’s Darrington also recommends the biocontrol when growers have problems with black spot bruising. Research has shown 1,4SIGHT® works on a genetic level by reducing the biosynthesis of phenylalanine, a key component in bruising, causing the color formations to be less visible.
It effectively masks discoloration.

Good science is always worth a second look.

“The best way to look at good science is when you see it replicated in other avenues;’ Dr. Campbell said. That’s why the sharing of successful treatment details between growers, IVI applicators, and the team at the 1,4GROUP is so important. These partnerships support a product-and its application ­to work even better for the challenges growers face. This kind of data sharing and collaboration can help fine-tune application schedules, zero-in on duration effectiveness, and address shifting challenges for growers.

IVl’s treatment application team knows your history.

Our sales and service team members trouble shoot with our growers and log year-to-year data with accompanying variables. We consider the length of storage program, other chemistries being applied, variety of potato, and growing conditions. Factors like this allow us to advise growers on the best application schedule for their specific needs, including sprout inhibition, bruise reduction and improved fungal resistance.

Application options in your storage.

Application rates depend upon the potato variety, facility, temperature, venting and condition of the potatoes. At IVI, we work with growers to design a customized program for your potatoes. Below are three typical application scenarios:

  • Early season: Apply 1-1 O days after door closure as soon as the pile becomes stable.
  • Mid-season: Apply when you expect the natural dormancy of the variety is about to end. 1,4SIGHT® can be applied with CIPC for increased effectiveness with sprout control. While 1,4SIGHT® works internally to prevent sprouts from starting, CIPC works externally on peeps to prevent sprouting.
  • Late season: Depending on the variety and conditions, apply in storage approximately 2-6 weeks prior to shipping.

Bottom line? When it comes to your storage protection plan, have the foresight to include 1,4SIGHT.

Have questions?

Contact Ragen Darrington to learn more about IVI’s treatment capabilities.

Ragen Darrington

208-521-1049  |  Idaho Falls, ID  |

Nampa Area & International Sales


  • Dr. Campbell’s articles are available upon request.
  • 1,4SIGHT® is a registered trademark of 1,4GROUP, Inc.

January 28, 2021