IVI’s Imperium Control Panel—American Made Excellence

IVI’S Imperium Storage Control Panel is made in America.

We are proud of that. So why does that matter to potato growers, or other growers of root crops, such as onions and sweet potatoes? If you are a grower on American soil, you would likely welcome a product made in your country, maybe out of a sense of patriotism, or practicality—more jobs, less shipping. But the fact that our control panels are manufactured in the USA is much broader than borders. And, our control panels are used by major growers across the border into Canada, Mexico, and beyond.

Storage control that works for and with growers.

Imperium storage control panel touch status screen
Imperium Control Panel’s Status Screen

What really matters is the process behind the development and manufacturing of our storage control panels. Our engineers look to growers as the source of creating the most advanced storage control panel available. The developments and enhancements to our control panels are the result of input by growers. This feedback is usually relayed by members of our sales and service teams. These team members are working directly with growers, providing the products that create perfect storage conditions—everything from a chemical treatment for stored spuds, to humidifiers and airflow-directing Thermadoors. Our sales and service team members strive to be true partners with growers, year after year. Our products evolve and improve, thanks to their input.

IVI’s control panels—the Imperium, and its predecessor, the Centurion, offer the most advanced storage control panel available. They orchestrate the storage system, directing humidity levels, air flow, CO2, and more. The power of the Imperium is unprecedented. And this power comes with ease: optimal conditions are managed with the intuitive operation, right at your fingertips. This occurs at the touchscreen right on the panel, or remotely, via computer or with our app. Our app provides this control from wherever you are.

The right conditions make all the difference.

Conditions for crop in storage is critical for ensuring success at market. IVI’s system controls air flow, CO2, humidity, and more. Temperature control is within 0.1°F. Our control panels ensure management of storage is central, accurate, reliable, and dependable. Growers value our service technicians—they just don’t want to see them too often.

Our stand-alone Imperium storage control panel precisely manages storage climates by controlling: fans, VFDs, evaporative coolers, humidifiers, heaters, refrigeration equipment, and airflow-directing Thermadoors®. The Imperium is compatible with its predecessor, the Centurion, and can boost the power of your existing Centurions, with operation from one master panel.

Another important feature of the Imperium is history-keeping data, making records easily-accessible—a valuable resource for year-to-year planning for growers.

Built on trust and cooperation.

Sweet Potato storage system design

Our engineers continually look to maximize operation of our panels, and provide oversight in manufacturing, done on site, with the highest level of quality control. Working in tandem, our engineers and skilled manufacturing staff collaborate on best methods and checkpoint testing. It’s a checks and balances effort that comes with the benefit of proximity between engineering and manufacturing.

Our panels are built to last. They are built on trust—the trust that IVI has established with suppliers and growers—as a result of years of reliable service, skilled planning, and quality products. Engineers combined with manufacturing specialists. In-the-field sales and service team members, out in the field with growers. That’s what makes our Made in America work. And it works to the benefit of our growers—like any good, proud partnership.

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Posted on: March 28, 2018