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Ron’s Refrigeration

Major potato processors don’t take a chance on providing the best french fries — they believe the American method of storage is the one to trust. And the best options for storage control is American-made, and American-designed.

Wisconsin potato growers turn to Ron’s Refrigeration for expert service in helping create optimal storage conditions. And the people at Ron’s rely on IVI’s industry-leading expertise in developing the very best storage products available. It’s been a winning combination for Wisconsin potato growers for years.

IVI’s control panels—the Imperium, and its predecessor, the Centurion, offer the most advanced storage control panel available. IVI panels are American made. And, they are designed by our engineers who rely on the input of growers. Advancements with the control panel are in response to what works best for growers. Our sales and service team members strive to be true partners with growers, year after year. Our products evolve and improve, thanks to grower input.

With our Imperium storage control panel, optimal conditions are managed with the easy, intuitive operation. Our app provides this control from wherever you are, right at your fingertips.

Wisconsin growers know Ron’s Refrigeration is the reliable source for service and products. Eugene Mancl and his crew help growers maximize their storage for complete control. IVI creates products that create a complete storage system for harvested potatoes. IVI’s powerful control panels orchestrate that system’s operation, controlling the critical factors:

  • air flow
  • CO2
  • humidity
  • temperature—within 0.1°F

Ron’s can help you update your existing storage for maximum control and optimal conditions. We can also help you with planning when you need new storage buildings. IVI’s engineers are an easy-to-use resource for sales and service, such as Ron’s, to create a custom plan for storage success.

Ron’s Refrigeration

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