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Make sure your spuds are ready to roll into storage with a Jet-Ag® or FruitGardTM treatment

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You’re a potato grower. You did everything in your power to make sure your spuds came out of the ground in perfect condition. You likely were nervous more than a few times thanks to things out of your control, courtesy of Mother Nature. Let’s say you also see no sign of decay or disease as your harvested spuds are moved into storage. And, your storage housing is perfectly prepared, with temperature, air movement and other factors monitored. Do you need an application of a protective, chemical treatment, such as Jet-Ag®? Based upon our experience working with growers year after year, the answering is a resounding yes.

An application of Jet-Ag® the day after your storage is full will kill threatening spores upon contact. These spores may or may not be visible. The cost is minimal, especially relative to the value of your stored spuds. It offers that additional level of protection. The applications are expertly applied by members of the IVI crew. Our crew members are involved in an especially strong support system from the makers of Jet-Ag®. The ongoing education provided by the I-4 Group means our team is supplied with the most current information available. Our methods are adjusted when needed, depending upon the factors that can influence disease, which can shift year to year, depending upon the growing region.

Our chemical application is done in the most efficient manner possible. We are responsive. We are well-educated in all the parameters affecting the use of Jet-Ag®, and are a resource for you, our partner growers, in helping you to storage success.

Jet-Ag® is an ideal choice for protecting your choice spuds.

When your harvested spuds are looking top-drawer quality, a protective application can seal the deal on lasting quality. Here’s why:

  • Threatening spores can sometimes not be obvious in your huge pile.
  • Application is a simple process for our applicators.
  • No residue is left on your spuds.
  • Certified organic
  • The thermal fogging has great reach, and the remaining works as a disinfectant on surfaces.
  • Works as a desiccant, eliminating excess moisture on potatoes.

Jet-Ag® works simply—and effectively.

Jet-Ag chemical compound

Here’s how it works:

  • Peracetic acid, or PAA, is paired with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Application method is thermal fogging through the storage air system.
  • This mixes with the existing humidity (no additional moisture is introduced).
  • The resulting vapor covers everywhere.
  • Chemical bonds are disrupted within the cell membrane to destroy the threatening bacteria.
  • The compounds simply break down into just oxygen and water.

After application, the storage is closed up for six hours. After 24 hours, the potatoes are safe to consume. The sanitizing effects include storage surfaces. Additionally, the sanitizer is less corrosive to storage equipment than hypochlorites. In preventing common potato diseases, a one-time application of Jet-Ag® typically gets the job done. But, additional treatment can be applied, should signs of disease in storage be detected.

FruitGardTM treatment is a proven cure to common potato diseases.

You are a potato grower, and, say you find yourself largely satisfied with the spuds you have seen roll into storage. However, there are signs among some of your spuds that all is not well. This is the time where your service rep at IVI can be the partner you need in determining the best course of action to take. Jet-Ag® has advantages, and may be the right choice. Or, perhaps a certain level of disease is evident and a FruitGardTM application is determined to be your best option, all things considered. And, we will in fact help you consider all things. Put our expertise, training, and experience to work for you.

FruitGardTM is a simple mix of two proprietary ingredients, which create a chlorine gas fumigant. Against a serious threat of disease, it attacks: penetrating wounds and stopping damage from further spreading. FruitGardTM offers an effective rescue mission against a multitude of diseases, including pink rot, late blight, ring rot, and pythium leak.

We are quick to respond to your application needs. Advanced scheduling is always helpful, but we can respond quickly to issues that arise. Take the pressure off and turn to us for FruitGardTM application.

FruitGardTM offers distinct advantages for chemical treatment.

When it is clear you have a problem with signs of disease, FruitGardTM is an excellent remedial action:

  • Mixing and application is a simple process, which we can assist or handle.
  • The reach of the gas fumigant is very effective.
  • Where there is decay, the fumigant penetrates cuts, wounds, and stem scars.
  • Like Jet-Ag®, there is no residue left, and it is non-corrosive to typical storage surfaces.
  • No heat is required in application.
  • Application process is complete after just eight hours.
  • Spent FruitGuardTM is inert and is easily disposed.

There’s science behind the FruitGardTM mix.

FruitGard chemical compound

The difference between Jet-Ag® and FruitGardTM is in the science. Here’s the lowdown on FruitGardTM:

  • FruitGardTM is a chlorine dioxide (CI02) gas fumigant, produced at a controlled rate, mixing proprietary granules.
  • A solid release is created when sodium chlorite (NaClO2) mixes with a stabilized acid zeolite impregnate.
  • The acid is one of three types, depending upon the style of chlorine dioxide needed.
  • The gas is created upon the mixing of the two granules.
  • Oxidizes on moisture.

In preventing common potato diseases, as well as stopping them in their tracks when they are evident, an application of FruitGardTM is an ideal weapon of choice.

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